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Film Review by Fiore 

Ready for a movie seeped in conservative American values?  If so, London Has Fallen, much like its predecessor Olympus Has Fallen, will certainly fit the bill of fare.  This movie paints Muslim terrorists as America’s enemy, which is true; as cold-blooded, barbaric scheming murderers, which is also true; and as manipulators of media and public relations ploys, which can be verified by reading liberal postings on social media, or watching MSNBC, CNN or CBS.  

The old gang is back for this second go-round.  Gerard Butler returns as Mike Banning, the President’s personal bodyguard.  He is a one-man wrecking crew, fighting vigilantly to defend America and the American way; which is rather ironic because Butler is not American.  In fact, the two top action heroes in film are not American; Butler is Scottish and Jason Statham is British.  This is because we are still dealing with a generation of American actors who were born during what The Arnold calls ‘the girlie man generation” and can only pose as action stars through extreme close-ups and quick cut editing. Butler wears the mantel well, thanks to excellent fight choreography by Trayan Milenov-Troy (the hyphen doesn’t save him from being a three-named gnome) and stunt work by Tim Connolly.  

Banning is still protecting President Benjamin Asher, once again played by Aaron Eckhart.  One thing is certain – Eckhart should never be elected President.  Terrorists just love torturing this guy.  They went after him with a vengeance in both movies. Better him, though, than our current president.  He would simply bow to the jihadist ruler and declare Muslim people are the backbone of American society.  End of movie, with no action or excitement.  (Any similarity to this scenario and real life is purely coincidental.)

The British Prime Minister dies. As is political custom, all the leaders of the Free World are attending the funeral.  It is at this moment the Muslims opt to attack,  in an effort to change the face of the world. Director Babak Najafi, ironically an Iranian, appears to understand American sentiment more than the collected minds of the Democratic Party.  He applies actor look-a-likes for the world leaders: Nancy Baldwin has a striking resemblance to German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Phillip Delancy looks like Nicolas Sarkozy, who was a stronger, more dynamic leader than Francois Hollande; and Alex Giannini looks more like Silvio Berlusconi, whom the Italians, far too late, wish was still in charge of their country.  Ironically, it’s the Italian premiere who escapes the devastation at the funeral because he is having an obvious affair with a young lady who looks like Gina Lollobrigida.  It’s stereotypical, but if the shoe fits…When President  Asher escapes the bloodbath, thanks to Manning rearranging the time schedule, Aamir Barkawi, played by  Alon Aboutboul is determined to find the president and kill him slowly over social media.  He claims it’s justified due to the death of his daughter, but everyone, except those who drink the Kool-Aid of liberalism, knows this is simply an evil man, who needs no alibi to sow chaos and destruction.


1.      The assault on the terrorist base 
2.      The car chase     
3.      The conversation with Cameron    
There’s plenty of action in London Has Fallen.  Since it is a sequel, scriptwriter Creighton Rothenberger spends a minimum of time reestablishing the main characters and then starts the roller coaster ride to the final reel.  Editors Michael Duthie and Paul Martin Smith (a dreaded three-name gnome) know this is the template viewers saw in Olympus Has Fallen, so they do not brow-beat nor pontificate dialogue scenes.  The movie is the perfect length of 90 minutes.  Finally, there is a rousing score from Trevor Morris sure to start the red, white and blue flowing in the veins as the action unfolds.  

I’ve not seen a movie so capture the true nature of our current conflict since Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal starred in EXECUTIVE DECISION.  When Banning slowly kills a terrorist while issuing threats to the Muslim stronghold, President Asher asks: “Was that absolutely necessary?”  Banning looks at him and says: “No.” then walks away.  The preview audience erupted in applause.  This scene captures the overwhelming sentiment of the American people, who are tired of being whipping posts for a Neanderthal ideology.  It has not been evident in movies since Lee Marvin and Chuck Norris volleyed one-liners in Delta Force.

Butler is unique here, for rarely does an actor release two films in consecutive box office weekends.  Check my earlier review for The Gods of Egypt where I detail how, and why Hollywood attempted to destroy the movie before it was released.  Headlines in the trade magazines, questioned whether Butler “could redeem himself for Gods of Egypt with London Has Fallen.  This is further example of the movers and shakers trying to destroy the former film.  Butler is the actor, with no control over editing, shooting or scripting.  It does not fall on his shoulders to redeem anything.  The only actor I know who sits in the editing room and dictates cuts to the crew is Steven Seagal.  It’s just another pitiful swipe by social engineers heading the studios.  Unfortunately, most viewers are oblivious to these ruses.  

London Has Fallen provides plenty of popcorn pleasure.  It’s chock full of American patriotism and action. Olympus Has Fallen set the tone, and London Has Fallen is a worthy follow up.  The themes in this film are sure to have liberals looking for almost anything else to watch in the suburban multiplexes. 


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