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Film Review by Fiore 

Ah, the joy of being totally surprised by a film.  It is truly one of the highlights of being a film critic.  I must admit, I held no hope at all for SUICIDE SQUAD.  Most of the characters are second rate, at best and it just seemed to be a ploy to capitalize on the superhero craze in movies with minor characters.  When the troupe was introduced on ARROW, they were appropriate for TV and for a B-class hero.  I wasn’t convinced they were worthy enough for the big screen treatment.

Trailers for the film revealed Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, flaunting her curves, but lacking the high cackling heavily accented New York voice generally associated with the character.  Despite the missing trademark, she actually pulls the part off rather well.  As does Jared Leto who interpreted The Joker as a tattooed, grill-grinning joke (pardon the pun); but he too, serves the part with aplomb.

All told, Director and Writer David Ayer has put together the best popcorn picture of this summer.  Combined with the efforts of Editor John Gilroy, who moves this film with the best pace in recent viewing history, Ayers presents a rousing superhero film that will quickly let viewers and DC fans forget the lackluster BATMAN V. SUPERMAN.

The star of SUICIDE SQUAD is, without question, Jerome Chen.  He is the Visual Effects Supervisor and he gives the film a classy and eloquent visage.  From the sewers of Midland to the doomsday device of the Enchantress, SUICIDE SQUAD is top-notch alternating from gritty Crime Alley type darkness to other world STAR TREK destructiveness. 
The concept is one prevalent in films since THE DIRTY DOZEN; utilize a group of criminal misfits to band together for the common good, and of course, saving the world.  In the film’s only weakness, the participants of the SUICIDE SQUAD are introduced rather quickly in the film’s beginning.  The introductions are so fast, they give the opening reels a hurried, rushed aura.

The squad is comprised of Harley Quinn (Robbie), the looney-tune psychiatrist from Arkham Asylum, who disastrously falls in love with the Joker.  While Robbie dominates many of the scenes, and of course the film’s trailers, she is over-shadowed by Cara Delevingne.  Delevingne plays two roles, Dr. June Moone and her evil counterpart, The Enchantress.  Her performance is easily the best in the film.

Will Smith plays Deadshot.  Originally, Deadshot is a mutilated, cold-blooded assassin.  But, because this is Will Smith, the character is restructured for him to be a kind-hearted family man assassin.  It doesn’t fit the character, and I’m sure true Deadshot fans will be appalled, but remember this is Will Smith and it says in his contract, he can play a bad guy, but he can never be a true antagonist.  That wouldn’t look good for the image of the black man on the Silver Screen. Once you accept the reality, Smith’s contract restraints are livable. 
The rest of the Squad includes: Jai Courtney, as Boomerang (he comes from a land down under); Jay Hernandez as Diablo, DC’s answer to the Human Torch; and Adewle Akinnuoye-Agbaie as Killer Croc.  Ezra Miller makes a cameo as The Flash and Ben Affleck has a minor part as Batman, though his appearance and performance are uncredited.

Characters noteworthy, but not in the squad are Joel Kinneman as Col. Rick Flagg, Leto and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.  Davis is brutal.  As head or ARGOS, she is nastier than the members of SUICIDE SQUAD.  This is a great deviation for Davis who has been toiling in benevolent roles for too long.  She shines by going over to the dark side and should be given Best Supporting Actress consideration. 


1. The bar scene.

2. The Joker's wedding.

3. The end credits scene.

SUICIDE SQUAD is filled with action.  The action and fight supervisor is Richard Norton.  Norton is an Australian martial artist who is very close friends with Chuck Norris.  He starred in most of Norris’ action films and even made appearances on WALKER, TEXAS RANGER.  He is probably best remembered as the masked assassin who battled Norris in THE OCTAGON.  He puts together action sequences that make JASON BOURNE look like a fifth grade video project. 
SUICIDE SQUAD is tremendous fun.  I entered the press screening with much trepidation and ended up totally enjoying the experience.  I could easily watch this film again, and would definitely make it part of my home video collection.  It is the epitome of excellence in film entertainment, and as such wins the coveted FIST OF FIORE AWARD for 2016.  You’re going to like this one; be sure to see it on the big screen.


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